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Tank Bag thoughts


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I currently use a Marsee bag with the locking system integrated into the gas cap on my '04 RT. I love the ease of installing and removing when fueling up and that it never touches the tank.


BUT, It's wide enough with it's side storage pockets that when turning left I inadvertently activate the horn. I've installed the little horn cover that Siebenrock or someone makes but this winter I wanted to start looking around for maybe a different bag. Maybe something narrower/taller, along the lines of the stock BMW bag.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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I found that the bigger the tank bag, the more crap finds its way into it. I didn't care for the "horn blow" when turning the bike either!

Been using the Givi 3D604 and wouldn't change a thing on it. I don't even use the expand feature. Bars/controls don't hit and I like the removable tablet/note/map pocket it has.

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+1 on GIVI .... 2 of my buddies have the Givi and originally had SW Motech but hated the attachment. Went the Givi and love it. I am ordering mine tonight.

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I have the Givi 3D603. I love it. It doesn't interfere with the horn or turn signals at all. The clear cell phone pocket on top is conductive so you can choose songs or use your navigation app without taking the phone out of the bag. However, it doesn't work with gloved hands, so you can only mess with your phone while stopped.

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