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Side cases hard to open


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Is there any way to lubricate side cases so they open easier? Also screws came out of one side of one hinge, so can I just replace the screws or do I have to take the whole case apart?

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One problem is not just the lubing of the mechanism but cleaning all the dirt/dust off the in large that makes it hard to operate.

You can't do too much dis-assembly but with a flashlight and long q-tips one can get a lot of gunk off the rods and sliders.

Lubing, you don't want something that will attract more dirt I've used a synthetic lube spray I purchased at an old school locksmith shop.

It lubes great and doesn't attract gunk or dry out.

Some use spray silicone or gun/fishing rod lube like Break Free and others just use WD40.

But yes do clean and lube the linkage and the lock cylinder as well.

We don't know which screws you are missing but if they are the visible ones you can replace them, yes. If inside the case, I haven't attempted disassembly for years so I'm no help.


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I had bookmarked a good post here that had instructions and pictures of the complicated mechanism, but unfortunately the pictures are now gone. Maybe the text will still help: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=728803#Post728803


Take your own pictures at every step so you have a guide to help you reassemble the case.


Edit: pictures were re-posted later in the same thread: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=914463#Post914463

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It is time consuming to pull the cases apart. Over 10 years, I've had mine apart twice. When your open them up and see the mechanism, you will be reminded of the old board game " mousetrap".

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Joe Frickin' Friday
You can do a complete rebuild or just spray WD-40 into the latch area. It worked for me and hopefully it will for you.


In my experience, WD-40 is a pretty good solvent for road tar and adhesives, but a weak lubricant. I recommend Tri-Flow as a longer-lasting, better-lubricating alternative; you can find this at most bicycle shops and hardware stores. I used to use it for lubing bicycle chains, and still use it for things like exterior door locks on the house.

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The case lock mechanism is separate from the actual locking pins. When you push in the key/button it pulls a rod that releases the flap that you pull up to open the latches on the case. I find that if you press down on the flap as you push on the button the flap releases much more easily.

Spray lithium or other grease around the lock when it is depressed and wipe off excess.

If it is difficult to open the case once the flap is up then open the case and spray grease in and about the four locking pins and exercise the flap with the case open. Also, with the flap up, spray lube into the space where the shaft goes into the case.

If it is still difficult to move the pins then plan on removing the inner liner (see other threads) so the mechanism can be relubed.

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