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motor keeps stalling/hesitating when hitting throttle from idle


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I have 2, '14 1200RTPs bought brand new together, both have had this issue since new. At first I thought it was just me, possibly popping the clutch to quickly and stalling it, but then I realized it was actually the bike itself doing it.


Randomly after idling at a stop light for a few seconds or even a few minutes (time doesn't seem to play a factor so it would seem), when rolling on the throttle the bike will just stall and motor will die. It always starts right back up and works fine. First couple of times it happened I thought I released the clutch to fast, but then it happened once or twice when I went to just blip the throttle while in neutral. Most of the time it dies when it happens, on occasion the motor will stumble for a second then rev normally. My bike and the other bike which one of my employees ride have the same symptoms. As far as we both can tell it is random and we cannot repeat the issue on command, and it usually happens once every 100 or so times when stopping. It is starting to drive me crazy, and frankly its getting dangerous since it always happens when trying to take off from a stop light! Is there any known issue with the camheads that might fix this problem? Both bikes are still under warranty but since I cant make the issue appear on command I'm not sure taking it to the dealer will help resolve anything.

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Record the issue on your phone to show the service manager.

Normally there are no "new" problems so the video and the dealer searching for failure codes should be all you need.

It's under warranty and a&s is a good shop. Use your warranty.

Sorry, I'm no help other than that.


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