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Bike Would Not Start Yesterday


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So I got the bike out to ride yesterday, turned it own, watched the instruments do there thing and when I hit the start button nothing. I look at the battery voltage and it was 9.6 volts.So I called my dealer and talked to him about the battery and to see if my trickle charger would work. He said to remove the negative battery lead and connect my charger. This morning it appeared the battery was charged so I reconnected the negative lead and the bike cranked with no issues and the battery voltage reading was 14 volts. I have the key less option for the bike. My dealer told me that if I accidentally had just hit the kill switch and did not turn the electronics off that the bike over time would not turn off by itself. So my question is in this situation would the dash go blank automatically and leave other electronics running or would it stay on. In my situation when I went to start the bike it looked like it was off.

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Since you have the keyless option, make sure you don't keep the key fob within activation distance of the bike. While I don't think this would be related to your battery issue, it will discharge the battery in the fob over time as it is trying to communicate with the bike.

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I have had 2 failures to start on my 2014RT. I needed to jump start it both times. I have had several instances when the bike almost wouldn't start. I needed to hold in the clutch and the bike barely turned over enough to start. I am wondering if the battery may be failing? This has happened in the last six months and the bike was 2 years old in October with 26,000 miles.

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