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So I had to take the GS out and warm up the oil and final drive. Usually at this time of year that means puttering around the city or maybe into the foothills. The Rockies are dicey because the roads already have some areas that don't get sun on them and are unpredictable for frost.


But we've had about 10 days of unusually warm weather and I saw people were getting through the Highwood Loop so I thought I would give it a go. Also a good trial for the new rims and TKC80 tires.


A little diversion on a recently graded Sibbald Flats Road didn't start well, the new tires were NOT tracking well! Stopped to check the tires and they had warmed up a lot (like 40lb front and 46lb rear) so I lowered the pressure and got back on my way with no further drama.








Gorgeous weekday ride with very little traffic, long shadows, high contrast and deep blue skies.








Temperatures from 52ºF to 65ºF (11ºC to 17ºC). Lots of motorcycles out in the foothills.


Drained the oil when I got home. Oops, forgot the final drive.


Mike Cassidy

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