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Lowering pegs for RT wetheads?


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Knight Design Lowered Footpegs just ordered a set Silver Anodized with Sidetrax Tread; all one piece with springs and pins. These can be ordered in different configurations of finish and tread. About $80 cheaper than Suburban Machinery adapters. Work GREAT.



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Sorry I missed this post earlier.. Yes I use them. They were the first things I installed.


No scrapes, no issues at all. More comfort, and I am a short guy. Did not have to adjust the levers...

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Mike the Ghoul

I have the adjustable verholen pegs. For me and the passenger. I liked the adjustable aspect. I knew once I got the correct position I wouldn't move them, but getting them correct in the first place was why I wanted the adjustability.


I rode with them a month or so, then adjusted them a little and they are now perfect for me. I didn't change the levers at all. I have no issues with that. I have to bend my ankle a little for shifting but its not a big deal.


For the passenger I needed them to raise instead of lower. The back of her knees were hitting the front corner of the cases. Raising her feet/knees eliminated that, and also allows her better leverage to push back when she needs to. She is 5-0. I am 5-8.





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Did either of you have to adjust shift lever or brake lever ?


I just installed the Knight Industries pegs and find my stock shifter and brake pedal just find. I have small feet... if that makes any difference

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