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Replacing Navigator mount with Zumo


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Has anybody tried to replace the BMW/Garmin Navigator 5 mount with the one for a Zumo 660 in a 2015 R1200RT? Visually, they look to be the same and the Navigator mount does provide power to the Zumo so i'm assuming it is just a matter of swapping out the mounts and routing the wiring harness.


Or, as long as I use Bluetooth to communicate with the helmet, maybe I can continue to use the Navigator mount.


Yes, I know the fancy "wheel" won't work with the Zumo but i'm way too cheep to ditch my working Zumo. Any words of wisdom?

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Sad story. The Bluetooth audio system in my helmet quit so i was thinking of using a pair of Bose QC20 noise canceling earbuds, however, to hear the Zumo, the 3.5 mm pigtail needs to be available.

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Haven't done it on an RT, but have on a K1600. The 660 cradle will fit, but you will lose the wonder wheel control, plus you'd have to do some hacking if you want the 660's audio out into the Alpine audio system.


Perhaps a new Bluetooth headset would be easiest?



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