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2017 Salida Pre-UN Event


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Anyone coming from the West Coast or really anyone that wants to hang out in Colorado before heading across the Great Plains. (You don't have to go to the UN to join us.)


Festivities will begin Thursday June 22cd with a welcome dinner and adult beverages. The Chevelle taxi service will be available for rides to and from your hotels.


Dual sporting welcome.


Mrs. Whip will have room for two/three bikes to trailer across the country with our rig. Any pillions that would rather ride in the truck are also welcome.


I don't think it will be a tradition Pied Piper run. I will prolly leave early Sunday and arrive Monday evening at the Fontana Resort. (1500 miles).


Some may wish to take more time by leaving Sunday or even Saturday. That will be up to the participants.


Depending on the number of folks showing up we could have most of the meals at Whipville north or I will make arrangements at one of our local establishments.


Ya don't have to go to the UN to join us.


L and L



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Great idea! And very generous. This makes the long ride east more manageable for the left coasters.


In the spirit, I'll offer the same for those who may be heading to the Un from the northern tier states along the I-90/94 corridor, or who are traveling from western Canada.


I'll figure out the specifics at some point, but we can cook up a mess of food and always have ample beverages on hand. There's tons of room for camping, as well as indoor space and lots of paved parking space for your scooters.


If it sounds like a possibility for you and you want to check out our location, it's 13040 Borah Ridge Rd., Prairie du Chien, WI 53821. From this location, it's about 850 miles to the Un, either a long day or two easier ones.


More specifics as I think 'em up.


Thanks for the inspiration, Whip!



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This is a great idea. Maybe I can add to the fun... For those coming from Whipville, you've got a rest stop at greiffster's for the weekend. Particularly, if you're coming east via the I70 route, you'll likely pass by my exit on I24 as you get into Tennessee.


My current plan is to head over to NC on Monday morning. It's a real nice 275ish miles (to include the Cherohala) to FVR. That will leave Sunday evening for a shrimp boil and bourbon tasting. I've got a guest suite in the basement for anyone that wants it (Fri, Sat, Sun, whenever). Also, I've got plenty of garage and driveway space if anyone wants to leave trailers and vehicles at my house and ride the remainder. :bike: You don't want to be stuck in a cage on the Skyway. :/

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I was thinking this was a great idea and was fully prepared to do my part. The problem is, you'd have to live in Key West to get any benefit out of stopping by Jake's BBQ Headquarters in South Central Florida. (it is not lost on me that we are all hijacking Whip's post. Isn't there a moderator around here?!!!)


So, if you do happen to live in Key West, my rowdy neighbors and I (and yes, those ARE my rowdy neighbors) will be fully prepared to quench your thirst and let you work off your hangover in the Marty Hill Suite after a cozy lake-view sunset.


I can promise that the riding will suck. 700 Miles to Fontana from here, the lightning capital of the world.





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I really like all this! Thanks to all. It is a long way and it's great to see people stepping up to help people get to the UN or at least see some folks if they can't make it all the way.

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(it is not lost on me that we are all hijacking Whip's post. Isn't there a moderator around here?!!!)


Duly noted. Apologies to Whip for the, at least, partial hijack. We can bust this thread up a bit if need be.

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I am thinking I should rethink my route from DC to the UnRally. Perhaps through Salida and TN! Maybe even Fl.

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