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New RT - The first 700 Miles


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Hi All,


I recently traded a 2010 Harley Ultra Classic in on a 2016 BMW R1200RT and thought I would post my thoughts on it as way of an intro.


Just got my first service done at Atlanta BMW and so far I am loving everything about this bike it's about 98% perfect (knock on wood). I did have a K1200GT many years ago that burned oil like it was going out of style so I'm hoping for a good reliable run with this bike.


So far my favorite features are the engine, brakes and the handling. To me these three things is what make a good motorcycle and it does all of these really well. I really enjoyed my Harley after many years of "too fast for public road" bikes but for where I live now (GA) this is a much better bike for the mountains and still a great touring bike for long rides. I like it's blend of sportiness without begging you to wring it's neck and ride it everywhere flat out like some bikes do. Riding the RT I feel like a proper rider again with such good power and handling. I don't plan on adding too many accessories maybe a topcase and some clearwater driving lights and a flashing LED brake light as the bike pretty much has everything I need. I have not driven my Dodge RAM in the past few weeks as I can't stop riding the RT.

One thing I will say that after many years of living in the Midwest and owning a Harley my cornering skills have gone to crap. I'm looking to get myself to a few track days to improve my corning skills. I recently moved to West GA so Barber Motorsports is about an hour or so away. If anyone has a link to some track days or track schools they would recommend please let me know. Anyway loving the bike thus far and hope to run into some of you at BMW events in the South East.


Here is a pic of the new steed near Cheaha State Park in Alabama.



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Congrats and welcome. The Wethead is indeed an awesome piece. Can't offer any track info on Barber but of course the museum there is a must for any enthusiast. Will say I took the 2 day course offered at the BMW performance center in Spartanburg and was thoroughly impressed by the instructors and skills I picked up.



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Thanks guys. Mickeym3 appreciate that I did not even know that existed so thanks I will check it out.


Lawnchairboy I bet it was a lot smaller back then. I moved from the Twin Cities (MPLS/ST PAUL) to here so I'm enjoying the smaller town feel and the better riding weather that's for sure.

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Welcome to the board and best of luck with your new bike.

You live close enough to maybe join a few of us for the monthly SECFF lunches, the next one will be east of Montezuma, GA on the 19th of November.

Check the announcement under Ride Events.

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Funny I'm a new owner of a used 2011 RT, and I took that same picture about 3 weeks ago.


Hope your new bike is everything you want it to be.


James L


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Very cool James great pic. I got that route off www.motorcycleroads.com and there are a bunch of others I'd like to do as well on the new bike. I'll shoot you my contact info via PM in case we can link up for a ride sometime in you are in the general area. Cheers.

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I rode to Cheaha State Park on my way to a family reunion in N-AL last Friday.

Are you guys familiar with the road to drops down the north side of the mountain into Talladega's east side?

It is a nicer challenging goat path.


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Bernie I think I did hit that one. Really tight turns and a fun road but the pavement was kinda rough if it's the same one I'm thinking of. Overall love that part of AL. I'm also looking forward to riding up in Northern AL over into GA and TN on the new bike lots of great roads to explore. Cheers.

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