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I was heading out for a Sunday ride, when I realized I forgot something. Shut off bike two minutes later I tried to start it again only to get a EWS code. Seems internet search describes problem for later models with magnetic ring thingy, I can't find any info on 2005 model year. Any suggestions ?

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Afternoon RevRay


An EWS code can occur on any of the 1200RT's-- There was a BMW recall on the 1200RT's on serial number (ZM 19502-ZM 19999) & (ZT 10000-ZT 13463).


If this is your one & only EWS problem then maybe try a different ignition key (also make sure that no other keys on your key ring are near the ign switch)


Maybe try wiggling the handlebars back & forth then retry the starting sequence.


Also try moving your bike from the spot that it is in now (it might be getting outside RFI interference)


If nothing helps then you might need a new antenna ring (sometimes the solder joints fail in the existing antenna ring)


In rare cases it is a key problem, or broken wire, or other problem.

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Dirtrider has suggested to push plug switch in a little harder for connection . Shut the switch off/on again . It always works when it happens on mine.

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Do not discount a chaffed/trapped wire under the fuel tank due to too tight zip ties. This is what caused an EWS for my 1200rt this year (whilst riding).





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Did you happen to have two BMW keys in proximity,or BMW and another chipped key?

That can confuse the EWS antenna ring.


The 2005's,at least the early ones used a different antenna ring than the later versions,and were not as prone to the later model antenna ring failures.


The only time I had an EWS warning and no start in 8 yrs ownership of my former 05 GS was when the 2 keys were accidentally close together.

Separating the keys solved the issue.



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