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Update on the little KTM


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I took took my recently purchased KTM RC390 to its second track day yesterday. The first track day was good, but I spent the first 4 or 5 sessions just getting comfortable with the bike. My previous track/fun bike was a 1998 CBR 900RR. The RC390 has about 40 HP, the CBR had about 130, but the KTM is only about 340 lbs while the CBR was at least 80 lbs. heavier, thus the need for a learning curve.


The CBR had massive power almost anywhere. There was really little need to get out of 2nd gear except on the longer straights. The RC has a good power band, but it is a 373cc single, with a lower top rpm. The power is there, you just need to be in the right gear...which is actually more fun since you are more involved.


As for the handling...it is great. The best way to describe it is to compare it to riding a mountain bike at speed on a twisty single track where you and the bicycle become one unit. On the CBR I was very aware that I was on a heavy and powerful machine that I needed to control. Not so with the RC390. The smaller/lighter KTM just goes where you want it to go with ease, even when you decide to tighten or widen a line in the middle of a turn at speed. With the KTM I'm able to focus more on the track and the lines I want to run and less on the bike. While the power of the larger bikes is intoxicating, it can really sneak up and bite you if you're not paying close attention.


Pretty amazing package for under $6K.



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