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Banjo bolt thread/pitch ?


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for the R1100RT, 2000, ABS brakes.

BMW part number-- 34 32 1 242 205


Anyone know ?




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Morning Steve


An educated guess would be 1mm pitch.


It doesn't look quite course enough to be a 1.25 or 1.5 (subjective) & I haven't ever heard of a .75 small banjo bolt.


Plus a picture from the parts book lines up appx 9 threads to 9mm so that would point to a 1mm pitch. (if the picture is accurate that is)


So if you can live with a guess it appears to be 1.0mm pitch.




I'm on the road with a small (old) laptop so I don't have one to measure for you.

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As I noted in the Spiegler vs Galfer thread, it's possible to fit the banjo bolts used on Hexheads/Camheads, which are silver finish and TORX socket head. They were the same thread and length as the originals on my R1100S.


For my R1100S, the bolts are described in realoem.com as M10X1


Why not check realoem for yours?


FWIW, the R1100S bolts are black finish, INHEX socket head.

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