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Exhaust Valve Gap.


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For an RT, exhaust valve gap is .3mm.


For an RT-P it's .35mm.


What difference does this make?


Morning RobinW


Depends-- If you are a regular rider that uses their 1200RT motorcycle in normal (ie rational) manner then it really makes little difference.


I (personally use & have been using ) the wider gap RT-P setting since my Hexheads first services. But I also set my intake valves just a bit on the loose side, about 0.0127mm (.0005") wider.


By setting the exhaust valve gap slightly larger it extends the valve adjustment time frame slightly longer if needed.


It also allows higher exhaust heat in the exhaust valve area (more sustained extreme high speeds at high loads) without the exhaust valve lash closing up to dangerously tight clearances.


It does bring on slightly more valve clatter but to me not enough to matter.


Or as my granddaddy used to say-- loose valves are happy valves.



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