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City Bike - 2016 GS Review

John Ranalletta

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City Bike writers aren't quite like other cycle reviewers...


Hmmm... The editor apparently requires that the writers throw the word sh*t into every other paragraph.

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It's actually been cleaned up since the last editor.

The "f bomb" and any other expletive were rampant thru the whole magazine.


It's grown up but still a "grain of salt" read.


Yea, it's better now..

Edited by Tri750
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That's an interesting read and a refreshing style... to a point. There were a few times where I felt the style was dictating/directing the article. Probably could have shaved a couple hundred words and still made their point in the fashion desired. But I get it and the tone resonated with me.


The guy can't be all that bad - he's a fan of the Telelever - who'd have thought?!

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