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2008 rt Clutch Issue

Rapala 50

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The last couple times on my return home from work ( 25 miles ) I have had an issue with the clutch not engaging fully when pushing the the bike in reverse while still in gear and running ( turning bike around in garage still in the saddle ) , bike wants to go forward with clutch pulled all the way back . Bike has 46k on it, thinking it might have air in the line.

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Morning Rapala 50


Yes, it does sort of sound like your clutch line has air in it.


You might try cutting the zip ties on the clutch hydraulic line then re-routing/re-positioning the line so it has no dips or high spots in it. Basically runs straight up-hill from the slave cylinder to the handlebar's.


Then either ride the bike for a while (they will usually self bleed) --OR if you want quicker bleeding just find a way to get the front end of bike as high as possible (ie up a steep hill or driveway) then pump the clutch lever until the clutch self bleeds.


If your clutch issue showed up after a long hiway run then I would definitely suspect air in the clutch line.


If the problem goes away with the above but returns after a long hiway run with no clutch usage then you might need a new slave cylinder (most only need the hose re-route)

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While thinking I had air in the line I notice today a little spray of clear liquid on the inside of my windscreen, after further inspection I could see where I had a leak in the line at the fitting, just ordered a Spiegler line to replace it, will do a complete flush while I'm at it ...

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Just wondering, is the Magura Blue Blood hydraulic fluid the same as the mineral oil ?


Afternoon Rapala 50


I don't use the Magura Blue Blood myself but according to Beemer Boneyard the BLUE is the proper clutch fluid for the 1200R, RT, GS.

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