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How to remove radio control unit from handlebar on R1150RT


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Recently I noticed that the radio control unit attached to the left handlebar on my R1150RT is slightly loose. Looking from the top I can see a thin bolt that passes from inside the radio control unit to the clutch master cylinder. I found a tiny screw on the underside of the radio control unit and have undone the screw but it does not allow me to remove the unit from the handlebar. Is there another small screw somewhere that will allow me to remove the front cover of radio control unit which may provide access to the bolt that passes from the radio control unit into the clutch master cylinder? If so I assume I will be able to tighten the bolt prior to reinstalling the cover of the radio control unit. Although I have the official BMW Repair Manual CD I can find no reference to the radio control unit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Morning Trav


Check your PM as I sent you a picture of the second attachment screw (sorry I can't post it here as it is BMW proprietary info).


Much easier to send a picture than to type out a disassembly procedure.

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