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Substance in air box


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Good Evening.


I decided that it was time to change the air filter. This 2012 1200RT only has about 16k on it. I pulled off the air horn and old filter and could see a substance pooled in the back left side of the box. It is not a lot but I am wondering what it is. It is a dark amber oily substance, not much of a smell but feels slick. Any idea what that might be?





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Morning Bob


It sure sounds like engine oil. The engine crankcase vents into the air box so can carry a little oil into the air box with the vented crankcase air.


A little oil in the air box isn't unusual & if the bike has ever fallen on it's left side while running than oil in the air box is about a given.

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Good Morning,


Thanks for the feedback. My last Beemer was a 2003 and the air filter was way back behind the battery under the seat. I could see that the airbox location on my 2012 is much closer to a lot of action. Yes, the bike did tip over once on the left side but I don't recall if it was running. Anyhow, I'll swipe it out and move on. It's enjoyable to get familiar with the bike and to compare it to my 03rt. The changes in nine years is significant.



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How are you enjoying your 12RT. I also have one and this winter will be my 1st attempt at doing annual maintenance with just over 17K on the bike.


I will be changing all the fluids except the clutch plus changing the sprak plugs and air filter and checking the valves.


Where did you purchase your air filter?

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