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Tractive ESA shocks for the RT


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My 2012 RT has 36,000 miles, and I'm in the market for rebuildible ESA shocks. I had Ted at the Beemershop make me a set of Wilber's ESA shocks when I had my '07 RT, and I thought that the ride became a bit too harsh. I contacted Ted and asked him about current options for replacement ESA shocks, and he is recommending Tractive Shocks. Has anyone installed these on their RT? And what's your opinion of them?



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Ted just shipped today a set of Tractive ESA for my 2008 RT.

I also opted for the 25mm(1") lowered version.

Can hardly wait to put them on and compare.

Just a heads up: you will have to send in your rear shock

so they can use your rebound motor. The new rear comes without,

the front has a built in. In a couple of weeks i can tell you if it was worth it!

:thumbsup: or not.. :dopeslap:

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I will be looking for your report. My ESA preload motor died several years ago. $2400 replacement + computer reprogramming is not happening, so I've been awkwardly changing preload manually with a socket wrench. At the MOA rally Ted said they can set up the Tractive shock to retain the electric damping adjustment and add a remote hydraulic preload adjuster.

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Was lucky to find a rear ESA shock my model/year on eBay.

Free shipping to Beemer Shop. Besides saving the shipping

cost from here to California, it gave me the option to ride

the bike until the shocks are here and am ready for the

transplant. Also i get to keep both shocks complete, just in case.

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