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Audiophile Question


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I am in the market for a new receiver. I would normally get an amp and a receiver but there are reasons for an "all in one." It has been years since my last purchase of a Dennon Amp/Receiver so I see a great deal of choice has entered the market with internet ready. My main concern is getting a unit with a good range, DAC, and if possible a phono plug as I am in the midst of a vinyl to mpeg conversion. (simply because $600 for a cartridge is a bit more than I want to spend for "old" technology) My budget goes to 1000 but I do not need greater than 60 RMS output and I am hoping that will allow for features plus quality. I am thinking NAD or Cambridge but if any of the other brands are ones you feel strongly about please suggest them.

So what should I be investigating or purchasing?

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Try Classe' I am unsure as to the price point, I own it but don't recall the price, I have a mono-block driving two B&W 805 Diamond speakers as well as a pre-amp and also Dennon driving the rest of the speakers in every room of the house. I upgrade about every two years, the next move will be out there. My rule on going up is that I have to hear the difference, and it can't be marginal.

You need to hear them so find a stereo shop and go listen.

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I've always liked Pioneer gear.


I have a VSX1021 that's a few years old that's the center of my hifi setup. It's 7.1 90w per ch 20-20/.08, which is plenty for me. It's got AirPlay, iPhone/iPad app control, network-ready, phono input, etc.


Not sure if this is what you'e looking for but here's one of their newer models and they also have higher- and lower-power versions:



Also have a range of Class D receivers starting with this:



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Thanks guys for the input (been on vacation so I haven't been checking the responses).

The only thing I will say is finding a true stereo store now days is almost impossible. The big box electronics places have shut them down in my area.

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"Back in the day," e.g. the 80's, I was in to good stereo equipment, mainly because I could get it relatively cheaply being overseas military. These days, good audio equipment isn't even on my radar. I'm not sitting at home listening to music, and if I am home listening to music, I'm probably outside doing BBQ or yard work. Most of my music enjoyment these days is either in the car, or on the bike, streaming Pandora through headphones.


Same with camera equipment. My Canon AE1 35mm SLR sits dormant because my Iphone can take good enough pictures for my purposes that I don't need it.

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