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Broken 09 RT-P side case hinge


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The hinge on my 09 police RT right side case broke. The broken bits are still attached to the lid so I'm thinking of using JB Weld to bond it back. Anyone know what plastic these police side cases are made from and which JB Weld variant would be best here?


BTW these hinges are pretty fragile. Hard to believe that BWM intended these for the hard use of a service machine

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Stay with me here,

I have a friend who ownes 9 retired RT-P's.

Almost all of them have broken hinges and he's come up with a great, inexpensive fix.

He uses one of these hinges (per bag) avaialbe from Ace, True Value, Lowes, etc for about 3 bucks each.



He lays the hinge on the front of the bag with the roll pin facing outward and one half of the hinge vertical on the bag body and the other half running horizontal on the lid. After painting the hinges semi-gloss black, he drills holes thru the hinge and bag thru the pre-drilled holes in the hinges and Uses a nice 6mm screw and nylock nut to secure the hinge to the bag body and lid. (You have to arc the top half of the hinge by hand to follow the curve in the lid) you may need to enlarge the bag holes a bit to get things lined up.

There is enough slop in the hinges to allow the bag lid to open and close fine.

I'm telling you, it looks almost factory and lasts forever.

If you want to get fancy, that make the hinges in stainless as well.

I hope I described this fix clearly.





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Any chance of a close up photo of the hinge in situ I have the same issue and can confirm that there is no known adhesive or plastic welding technique that can fix these flimsy hinges .......

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I have a picture of the completed repair .

If someone will post it here for all interested parties, I will email it to them.

PM or email me at Tri750@hotmail.com


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Thx to Lee, (the other one) for posting the pic !

As you can see, it's such an easy fix that allows full moment of the lid.

The paint on the hinge is about 2 years old so a bit nicked up by boots.

Otherwise it's a nice fix that few people would turn their nose up at.

Again, the holes on the bag need to be a bit larger than the size of the fastener to allow the hinge a bit of wiggle before final tightening of the fasteners .

I would still devise a nylon cord stop to prevent the lid from hyper-extending.


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Well that certainly looks robust (if not overly elegant)!

I'm going to try some smaller plastic hinges that won't cover the top painted cover.


Thanks for the idea.

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