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R1100RT Tires - Best Choice for Old Fuddy-Duddy Riders?


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I'm currently running Metzeler Z8's, and my rear tire is (over)due for replacement. Most of my running is straight-up, not a lot of leaning. Thus my priorities are highway tread life and traction in the rain, rather than cornering grip. Would a different brand/model fit my needs better? If so, which? Thanks for the help.

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Just got new michelin Pilot GT front and rear, had Pilot 3's on bike when I bought my 2004 R1150RTP. PO said there was 3K on the 3's at that time, I then put another 15K of freeway miles on them. Could have got another 2K on the rear, but I felt like i needed some fresh rubber for winter/rain riding.


Of course this is in the Seattle area, don't know what kind of road conditions you ride on. And I wouldn't mix tire makes, if you don't want to get a new front as well I would stay with a Metzler rear.


On that note, I really like these GT's over the 3's, better rain performance. The GT's are supposed to get higher milage then the 3's according to Michelin.

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Hey, Dave,


I have about 5K on a pair of Michelin Pilot Road 4 tires on my r1100s, mostly "straight up" touring. They look good for about another 20K, but I may be a little optimistic.


I am amazed at how well they handle in the wet AND dry. I bought them because of numerous postings on several forums saying they got 12K miles on the rear, more on the front. They handle WWWWAAAAYYY better than I can ride and if I get 10K, I'll get more miles per $ than any other tire.


Just my opinion so far.





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Your best bet is Michelin PR3's. I got about 7500 out of Z8's. I get 10-12k out of PR3's.


They do not make a matching set of PR4's for the R1100RT. PR4's do work on the R1150RT.

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I am thinking about getting a 1150 rear wheel, in order to be able to fit the PR$ GT tires. The PR3 get worn after 6k kms on my bike, and I always make sure I keep the correct tire pressure...


I wonder if the ABS will still work with a 17'' rear wheel though...



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