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Squeaky bike??


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Hi all,


I am trying to troubleshoot my noisy 2006 1200rt. When I hit bumps in the road the bike squeaks pretty loudly. It's not the rear panniers and seems to be suspension related. Any ideas?





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Morning ahirsch


Possibly a spring rubbing on a shock. Or a shock bushing squeaking.


Have someone else sit on & bounce the bike while you listen & feel around for the source.


You can also use a mechanics stethoscope (with stinger removed) or a piece of hose to your ear to listen around for the source.


OR, just guess at the origin of squeak, then spray some WD-40 on that area. Do this one area by one until the noise goes away (that is your origin of squeak).




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If it's a standard , stock shock, not ESA:

We saw this several times on the R1150RT, but you may try it on yours as the "fix" is easy enough.

IF the noise can be heard while seated on the bike by bouncing,

Locate the damping adjuster screw on the shock.

Note the position of the damping adjuster screw then thread the screw all the way in, bounce, then all the way out (bounce) a couple times, them return the screw to the original position unless you choose to tighten the damping up a bit.


Bounce on the bike again and see if the noise is gone.


I can't give you an exact reason why this fixes the noise, but it has on the past.

Perhaps a bit of crud in the oil return passage inside the shock gets displaced with the screw movement.


Take a shot at it.





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