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Chal De Cecco

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Chal De Cecco

Thinking of taking the Lost Coast route in Northern California from Garberville to the Coast then up through Honeydew and on to Ferndale. Here is the kicker. The group has a mix of BMW dual sport and street bikes. Can the street bikes, RS and RT, safely navigate the route. Trying hard to avoid deep gravel or just plain dirt for some of the street riders. Any help appreciated........... ;)

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I went thru there on a heavily loaded 1200GS last year. No big deal if it's dry. Wet would be very difficult and impossible for some. Spent the night before in Ferndale so went reverse to your plan. Have fun.

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Was just thru there on the hwy this weekend for BMW NorCal ROL event.

I was glad I was on my GSA,but plenty of folks on street bikes,including 2 up on a K1600GT and RT's,R's,K bikes,etc..


A few rough spots and some short gravel sections being resurfaced,but manageable.

Just be aware that construction sections are not necessarily well marked,primarily on the inland uphill sections.

Take it easy.


Hopefully all fixed when you come thru.



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