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GPS Mount for 2016 R1200RT-LC


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Are there any GPS mounts available for the new handlebar design on the wetheads? I am going to install Ilium bar backs and my multipod adapter will no longer work. Hoping to find a mount that will mount in the stem area.


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Use the Wunderlich Vario Attachment Clamp if you still want to use your Multipod. Comes in black or silver as I recall.

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Thanks Sam. I use a few RAM products, but somehow missed this one. :dopeslap:

I velcro'ed my GPS mount to the bike's GPS cover and it worked great. :grin: I used industrial velcro for the additional strength of the glue and the grip.

Cheap and effective (as long as it doesn't fail and drop my GPS to the ground; I'll use a safety lanyard just in case.)

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