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first tour on R1200RT.


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thought i'd do a quick recap of my recent trip on 15' R1200RT. Left Houston, Tx. with 6000 k. mi., 6 k. mi. service done. Grand Canyon, Southern Utah. to Moab, to Telluride, Co., to Durango, then headed home. Did 3690 mi., 2 weeks. Rode at 11,075' max. elev., bike didn't miss a beat. had both saddlebags stuffed, 3400 cu. in. bag on back, 150 lb. wife riding pillion. tar snakes are DANGEROUS. tires are gone, front tire cupping, rear tired. bike is a bona fide long distance sport tourer with an attitude. avg. @ 50 mpg. for trip, lot of slow twisties, lot of 75 mph. see you Texans in Marble Falls in November.

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Why wait till November! Make plans for Montana with us!


Welcome to the forum from another Houston area member.

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