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CruzTools RoadTech B1 Kit


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This is kind of a halfway review . . . an item that I've purchased, but haven't used.


We all know that BMW used to supply reasonably comprehensive tool kits, but they've diminished to the point of nothingness. When I got my wethead RT a couple of months ago, I checked for the tools and found . . . pretty much nothing. Having seen some positive reviews of CruzTools, I decided to spring for their RoadTech B1 kit, which is designed for modern BMW motorcycles:






The kit has most of the tools you're likely to need for roadside repairs. I've ordered their T50 star wrench to supplement the kit and will toss in a couple of other items, but, as the second photo above shows, this has the basics fairly well covered.


The quality of the kit seems good. These are well short of the quality of Snap-on, but a significant step above what you used to find in BMW kits. The pouch is heavy duty and folds up rather compactly. However, there's no way you'll ever find space to fit this under the seat of an RT. It's fairly voluminous and weighs around 3.5 lbs. For my next trick I'll try to figure out someplace to stow it.


It retails for $113.95 on Amazon.


Overall, a very good, comprehensive tool kit. I am sure that with enough thought and a bit of time you could assemble an equally nice kit one piece at a time for less money, but this is well thought out and of good quality.

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