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Honey, did you set the brake?


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Long long ago, whole I was in high school, 70 to 74, we had one go in at our resort in grand lake Oklahoma. Very muddy water. I went swimming and by feel unhooked the boat from the trailer and got it tied to the dock so they could let the bilge pump bail it out, about 1/3 full of water. Then I by feel hooked a chain to the frame, and released the brake. the resort had a ford 8N tractor and it pulled out the truck pretty easy. Water was about to the door handles. Older drum brake trucks usually had emergency brakes that sort of suggested the truck stop, and worse in reverse. They did not get the truck in gear, and the emergency brake just did not do the trick, and when the water hit it, it did nothing.


Fun for a high schooler.


They had that truck running in a hour. Changed all the oils. they rinsed it well. Next day, wow that truck stunk.


Next week they had another truck.



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When I lived in Michigan there always seemed to be a TV news story(on a slow news day) about some poor guy trying to launch into lake Erie who ended up truck, trailer and all up to his windshield in lake water.

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I was in line to launch at Port Isabel in south Texas. An old Toyota pickup had backed up a special trailer on the ramp and was busy filling it with water for his shrimp tank back at his bait stand.


The guy overdid it and the engine compression couldn't hold. The guy jumped in and stopped it but not before the traler was completed submerged along with the rear of the truck.


I unhooked my boat and pulled him out.


He told me to stop by anytime I needed some shrimp. :thumbsup:

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A buddy of my BIL and mine had a couple of waverunners several years ago, and he pulled them with an old 2-door Jeep Cherokee. BIL and friend decided to go play in the ocean one day, and launched the skis at Oceanside harbor. They had a fine time, but when they came back, the tide had gone way, way out, and the lower part of the ramp was covered in slime. BIL backed the trailer down the ramp, put it in park, set the brake, and got out to help with attaching the first ski, only to notice that the whole rig was moving backwards on the slime! He jumped in, put it in 4x4, was able to pull up the ramp before anything got submerged.


BIL to buddy: Hey, Mike, you know that four wheel drive you paid extra for? It just paid for itself!


They actually managed to get both boats loaded and up the ramp, eventually, but it involved a fair amount of sliding back and driving up.

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Some years ago I was launching one of my wave runners in Lake Michigan. Backed the trailer down and got the ski off hitched a bowline to the pier while I parked. Came back and the wave runner was on the bottom of the lake, I'd forgotten to replace the hull plug!! :dopeslap:


I got it back on the trailer, drained the hull and pulled the plugs and got the water out. Took about 20 mins before I relaunched - plug in place this time.

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Came back and the wave runner was on the bottom of the lake, I'd forgotten to replace the hull plug!! :dopeslap:


Thinking about it now - it was submerged - but not on the bottom. Waverunners have some Styrofoam tucked into the gunnels. However, I had modified this one and in order to replace the sponsons, I had to cut out the molded Styrofoam which did not come out easily and as a result, it all didn't get back in.

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