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Zoysia grass, yea or nay an why.


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Looks great in June - October, looks like crap the rest of the year. It's super durable and easy to maintain. I thought about doing my yard in it, but we have been discussing a change in residence fairly soon and it takes quite a few years for it to become established.

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John Ranalletta

It seems only to prosper in direct sunlight; so, if part of the lawn is shaded, you'll end up with a mix. Also, weeds can be more obvious, especially in winter. Last, when you decide you don't want it any longer, it's a bear to remove all the tendrils. Don't ask.

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When that stuff came out neighbor put it in.


Invasive, you will fight in your garden, and flower beds. It will win.


We used push mowers then, yes, it grows slow. It is dense iron grass, if over a inch has to be cut off, there will be massive hay and pushing the mower is a bitch, even for a young kid.


Killing that stuff is pretty impossible.


Dandelions and plantains seem to have a symbiotic relationship so it looks like crap spring and fall, not a lot better in the summer.


Maybe in the deep south. Not in SE Kansas.



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I have a "botanically diverse" front yard, with zoysia, fescue, chickweed, dandelions, violets, strawberries, clover, and I don't know what else. If it's green and everything is the same height, I'm satisfied. Zoysia looks like crap in winter.

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