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2008 R1200RT Sand Beige Metallic (N08) Paint code equivalent?


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Was recently in Daytona for Bike week and stopped into the Motorrad store to pick up some touch up paint previously ordered for my '08 RT. What I received was a nicely branded OEM BMW ColorSystem touch up kit "Kalahari Beige Metallic" code 481, part number 51 91 0 419 777. Cross checking that number points to a color for a BMW automobile from a few years previous. I do recall reading somewhere that some Motorrad colors are the same as older auto colors... anyone heard of a conversion chart or have any experience in this field? Without opening and testing (thus making it not-returnable) would be good to know if this is a legitimate replacement product.



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Guest Kakugo

When I had my RT side cases touched up before having them wrapped, I took them to a local body shop specialized in German cars.

I gave them the color code of my bike's black (475) and in their computer matched exactly the color used on quite a few BMW cars so they chose to use that.

The end result is 100% the same as the other body panels.


Sand Beige is exactly the same as Kalahari Beige (481). I suspect it's just a case of marketing... Kalahari beige sounds like the color used on a GS-Adventure, not an RT. ;)

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Try Colorrite


I don't think the colour you have is a match. I have had good luck in the past searching here: http://www.colorrite.com/


The Colorrite site shows 2008 R1200RT paint codes as:

Code Paint Name Color Chip

764 Titan Silver Metallic 8067

847 Biarritz Blue Metallic 8049

N 08 Sand Beige 8550


You can order anything from pen size to quarts from them.

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Checking here at realoem.com , it looks like the WN08 Sand Beige paint scheme (the code under the seat) for the entire bike is made up of three different paint color codes:


Paint sand-beige 481 (kalahari-beige)

Paint, weissaluminum III 955

Paint schieferdunkel-met. matt M976


(weissaluminum is white aluminum, schieferdunkel is dark slate)


I think you have the right color.


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Indeed after testing the color of Sand Beige Metallic is identical to the Kalahari Beige.

Thanks for help - mystery solved!

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