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Anti-glare film for dash

06 RT Joe

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New member here, first time BMW owner as well.


I've owned my '06 RT for a whopping month and have been enjoying it greatly. It has been quite a different experience from my '05 Ducati ST3, but just what I've been expecting and wanting; at 55 years I'm becoming more sedate in my riding, so the Ducati fills one niche and the RT another.


To my question: the reflectivity of the dash while not horrible is a bit bothersome; looking at the dash in daylight I see me reflected as much as I see the dash. I've been looking at laptop anti-glare films and am wondering if others have gone this route or know of an alternative.


I look forward to learning from this forum and hope to contribute in the future.




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Afternoon Joe


There have been a number of things tried since the 1200RT came out with I consider varied results.


I tried a computer screen anti-glare on my 1200RT & it didn't work worth a hoot for me.


I have a workaround that I have used for a long time now-- I just use my GPS for speed & time & seldom look at the dash unless I need miles to empty or some other non riding essential.


That dash glare is one of the big BMW screw-ups & BMW never acknowledged it as an issue.


If you want to try the ugly route (at least to me) you can install the K bike gauge bezel. Some seem to think that works a little.


Old Dash glare thread--click here



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Guest Kakugo

Anti glare films did not work for me.


I ended up buying the clock surround from Wunderlich, in matt black.

It was cheaper than a K clock surround and required no drilling.

It doesn't do miracles, but at least you see which speed you are traveling at when near speed cameras. :thumbsup:


By the way, Wunderlich's suggestion to use silicon to install the surround is worse than useless. Mine came off twice with silicon. :mad:


After cleaning the dashboard (not an easy task, I can assure you that) I used ordinary double-sided adhesive tape.

Over two years later, the surround is still where it's supposed to be. :)



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I bought my '06 RT from a dealer in Florida. It was HIS PERSONAL bike so it had some pretty slick farkles added. One that had be puzzled for a bit was the Dash trim. I contacted him to ask why MY bike looked different than all others I saw. He laughed and said "yeah .. should have warned you" ... the neat dash trim on my '06 RT was from a '06 GT as it appears they use the very same dash but the GT gets this cool trim that really solves the glare issue!! Will see if I have any pix.

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OK .. here are 2 pix that I had ... not the best but you get the idea. And it fits perfect! Hope this helps. PM if you want more pix.





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Afternoon RTinNC


There still seems to be a lot of reflections on that dash as you can clearly see the things reflected back in the posted pictures.



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Thanks all for the replies.


I like the looks of the GT surround and see it would help a bit, though I'm not sure I'll go that route.


I'll likely try an anti-reflective film and will report any success; no success will not get a report as no success is expected.



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For me, a jacket with a black chest seems to help a lot, since that is what I see in the reflections. The reflections will vary from rider to rider depending on height, forward lean, etc., as we all sit a bit differently.

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Actually it works well and I have never experienced any glare impacting my view of the instruments. And it looks factory stock ... since it really is ! Now the GPS is another story!

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