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Gearbox & Starter Motor Types


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Might sound like a strange title but .......


I have an 05 RT with a Bosch starter motor and various sites say that you can't fit the later Valeo in its place. Does anyone know why this is ? The only thing I came up with was maybe the gearbox changed in some way on later models (around 08 or 09 is a strong indication ). Is there a way to tell what year a gearbox is from ie from its serial number ?


This query came about after having just stripped two Bosch starter motors (an 05 and an 08) and even they had subtle internal differences. Spares for either model for a DIY overhaul seem impossible to find which is also a worry. In fact the only spares I could find were the brushes.


So at some point I guess my only option will be a brand new Bosch unit at hideous expense. Although I did see that Motoworks offer an exchange recon unit which would suggest that the parts for a rebuild must be available somewhere.





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Guest Kakugo

I can tell you one thing from direct experience: Hexhead's came both with Bosch and Valeo starters.

I know for certain because my RT (built 06/2009) came with a Valeo while my brother's GS (built 12/2008) came with a Bosch. You can easily tell them apart because the Bosch unit is painted black while the Valeo one is left unpainted.

The two units' main difference that may matter is length: I measured my Valeo at 150mm while the Bosch is slightly shorter at 135mm.

To complicate matter further, both Bosch and Valeo supplied two different models each to BMW, with one replacing the other and being given in the literature as a direct replacement.


I suspect BMW fit starters based on what may fit on specific models (length) and especially based around whatever Bosch or Valeo units were cheaper at the moment as there appears to be a lot of variation based on production dates: apparently GS-Adventure's were built with both two Bosch units and the later Valeo one.


Now: BMW wants an arm, a leg and another body part for these starters, but both Bosch and Valeo units are available from aftermarket vendors such as Euro Motoelectrics at reasonable prices.




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