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R1150RT Starter Removal

Jim Moore

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Hi Guys,


I may be looking at an R1150RT today. If the owner lets me I'd like to inspect the splines. How much plastic do I need to pull off to remove the starter?

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You will need to remove the left side panel. If memory serves me right you would also need to remove the left foot peg plate.

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Morning Jim


That isn't a 20 minute job.


Basically the belly & L/H side Tupperware need to be removed, then in most cases the L/H foot peg side plate removed including disconnecting shift linkage (don't forget to disconnect battery)


If you have a starter that the inner bolt is not too tight then sometimes the starter bolt can be accessed with a ball end socket or double flex joint.


That would be some exceptional BMW owner to allow the starter to be removed on a bike that is for sale.



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Left hand foot plate can stay in place. The starter motor can be manipulated out of that gap.

As DR says, a wobbly drive is a great help for getting to that lower inboard bolt.


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roger 04 rt

I've done this half a dozen times now. If you stay focused,


10 minutes to remove left side plastic

10 minutes to disconnect battery ground;

remove ball-end of shift linkage at shift lever (lower ball), a small pin at ball, pop ball joint apart, keep an eye on the grease felt washer;

remove starter (universal joint & 6-8" extension for hex drive socket)

10 minutes to inspect clutch

20 minutes to get everything back together


Remember to reset the TPS (key on, rotate throttle twice, etc.)

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I agree with Roger above ^^^.


I removed mine several times to clean the starter bendix and once to check the splines. I can do the whole thing now in under an hour.

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