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Always follow highway signs.


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Good one Bud..


For a long time there was a warning sign on my road that said "Low Limb Ahead", because oversize trucks were scraping it. I wanted to paint an O on after Limb but just knew the constabulary would appear instantly if I did : )


Here's one from Colorado at the turn-off for Bonanza, an old mining town. I'm thinking someone at CDOT has a good sense of humor, or maybe they know something..







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You would think that sign would be near Roswell, NM.


Looks like that might be Highway 285?


You'd think but yes it's at the turn-off in Villa Grove. It's all coming back to me now. :grin: I was riding my brother's VMax from Albuquerque to Eagle, Colorado in the late 90's up 285 at around 10 in the evening and was probably between Hooper and Moffat on HWy 17. I'd put a windshield on it before I left and was traveling around 80 or so. Off to the right for about 10 or 15 minutes there was a bright light that appeared to be moving at a much faster rate and at an angle that would eventually intersect with me. But it never got any closer then eventually was gone, I'm sure just some optical illusion. I stopped at the store in Villa Grove (that beast needed fuel every 90 miles : )) and asked where the heck is a motel I haven't seen one for a looong time. She said just go up to Hwy 50 and turn right. So I did, from where I'd been it looked like Las Vegas, been going back to Salida ever since : )



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