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Save the blue whale version 2.0


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Another step closer to being revived. The patient has a pulse. Its amazing how this bike pulls me in, gives me a fullness in my heart. 104,000 miles on this thing and all of them mine. Probably half of them with my friend Mitch. So many memories. An old curmudgeon (Marty) once asked me "why do you keep it?". It's like an old pair of shoes, she just fits so well. The panels are at the painter getting a couple of coats of that wonderful Opal blue. I've changed out all the fluids. It of course needs a throttle body sync. Lol... most beemer boxer owners know why that's funny. It won't be long now.


Video here..... if it works :)






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I stand corrected and realize now why you keep it. Now help me learn the same thing. :thumbsup:


Me too! :grin:


Shawn, you know you'd get a little wink from your aunt Dot if you rolled over and propped up the Goulding Sidecar next to it! :thumbsup:


Nice work! :clap:



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