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K1300 S


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Hey Folks,


Any K1300 S riders out there. I'm located in the Hudson Valley (East Central NY) and looking for other K1300 S riders. To talk bikes, to ride, or just BS.


I just bought a used 2015 SE in white. It's my second one as I had a Bumble Bee accented 2006. I traded that one in for a GS which I rode for almost 9 years. I'm glad to be back.



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Yeah, there's a few of us around...


And some of us ride an '06 bumblebee!


Awesome bike and probably one of the best lookers. Too bad we weren't closer to each other we could tear up some asphalt.

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It depends on the company running the track day. Some of them require taping, others don't. Some require safety wiring, others don't. When you see a mix on the track it is usually because people already have their bikes set-up for a specific track day company and when they trailer the bikes to a track day that doesn't require something, they don't take the tape off.



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