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I am curious also. The reviews are great from what I have read. It appears that the light is on back order for another week or so.

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I installed the Cyclops H7 LED replacement lamp about 6 months ago and I am very pleased with the results. I took a couple of before and after photos with my iPhone and then realized that since I could not control the camera aperture, the increased brightness is not as apparent.


I found it interesting that in the "before" photo, the reflector is very well tuned to the halogen bulb and the light output at the top is fairly flat (the beam pattern is more of a semi-circle, with the flat part on top). The LED is much brighter and the color is more white. Therefore, you can see farther down the road and the color shift provides a higher contrast. The beam pattern is not as even and flat on top. I needed to adjust the light downward to try and duplicate the original pattern. However, there is much more light directly in front of the bike.


All in all, I am very pleased with the results and I highly recommend the Cyclops LED.

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But that is the whole point of dip beam. You have now trashed it!


You can angle that light down, but it is still uncontrolled light that causes glare and discomfort for other road users.


It is pretty much the same with many HID set-ups.


So yes its bright, but the beam pattern is cr*p.


I know these cost a lot of money, so if you fit them you tend to stick with them and defend them, but at the moment they are still not good enough.

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