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Trip to Manzanita OR.


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I have a friend who moved to Manzanita recently. I'm planning a visit on the bike. He's warned me about the weather. He's been there about 3 weeks and it hasn't stopped raining. The locals tell him it'll rain for the next 3 months. He also mentioned some pretty high winds. I don't mind some rain, but... Any advice?

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1. Please plan on an overnight stay here, we have a guest room for you.

2. It has been a wet and stormy winter. Bike travel is possible and we see a few bikes coming down 101. There are only a few places on 101 where ice is an occasional winter hazard. I-5 is not generally suited for winter bike travel, but the odds get better the longer you wait.

3. We have our nice days, and even our nice weeks and months. Last year it stayed dry and nice until the end of January, when we had about two months of slightly wet weather before a summer drought set in. This winter is wet. It typically BEGINS to dry out about now leading to our normal dry summer. Dry starts around May-June and runs to about October, normally. But this is an El Nino year, and all bets are off. I make no predictions.

4. Most of the hazard is rain, which can be torrential at times. Wind happens, but is less frequent. Certain areas get more wind, but it would not usually be a no travel situation. Sometimes, however. We did have very high wind the other night.


Summary: stay on the coast to avoid icy passes if the weather report is stormy, expect the possibility of heavy rain, expect light to moderate winds, or wait a bit.


In summer we dry out, but can have heavy fog.


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Thanks Jan. I have a friend who wants to come along. He's renting a bike. Not sure we can make it to Brookings in one day. However we'll try to come visit on the way back.

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I just spent the weekend riding from Vegas back up to Portland. Only had Saturday and Sunday to do it (flew down Friday night), so the north leg of my drive was almost entirely on I-5. It was beautiful for everything but the Siskiyous (which should have been the only fun part of the slog up the freeway) - it rained fairly torrentially from Redding to Roseburg (240 miles), but it was nice and warm :)


If you don't mind rain, I woudln't worry about it. If you have time, definitely come up the coast - if not, usually the passes are ice free right now, but do check the forecast.


Manzanita, as I recall, is about the rainiest spot in Oregon :) :) :)



Manzanita - 100 inches a year!

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