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2002 1150 rt headlight bulb


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A fiddly job.

Is it main beam or dip that needs replacing?

I find it is easier to work from the bottom and much is done by feel.

The black plastic cover dust guard is held in place on its top edge by means of a spring clip which is eased upward and clear.

Then the cover can be wrestled away and clear of the rear of the headlight.

The bulb electrical connector now slides rearwards and off the terminals of the bulb.

The Low Beam bulb is held in place with spring loaded wire clips - similar to your fog lights.

These unclip by depressing the wire spring forward, then once forward, slide it outwards.

Once unclipped and rotated up and rearwards, the bulb can then be removed from its housing.

Refitting is just the reverse, but ensure you DO NOT touch the 'glass' envelope of the bulb. The bulb has a tab which locates in the headlight housing. This tab should face directly upward.

Also ensure that the bulb is oriented correctly and is located in its keyway.

Getting the spring clip back on is a headache and will afford you a few scars to the back of your hand.

Refitting the black cover , will also be rewarding as an exercise in learning calmness.

Tackle this job when it is not hot, when you are calm, and when you have some time available.




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Andy, my low beam is out. By your question it seems the low and high are separate bulbs? Is this right? So this procedure was done with the fairings still on?

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Yes, low beam and high beam are two separate bulbs. They can both be replaced without removing any plastic other than the black plastic cover under the dash.


As stated in previous posts, just take your time, be patient, and work mostly by feel. It's not that bad. Remember, working on you bike is FUN!


Having done it a couple of times on my '03RT, I would guess it would take me about 2 minutes to do it now. My first time might have been 6-7 minutes...I have rather large hands but prefer to work from the top, left side of the bike.


Good luck and best regards!



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The procedure I gave was for the low beam.

If your hands are big, it is much harder. If you have a partner/friend/child (you can trust!) then they can be a great help sometimes getting that bulb sorted.

Jim Is very encouraging, however, for many of us, the reality is much more frustrating. I have done it a few times now. By choice, I'd incorporate it with a service and pop the Tupperware off.

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Replaced bulb while in an Autozone parking lot. Big hands. Took over 30 min. If I had to do it over again I would probably just remove side Tupperware. Can get that off in about 3 Min.

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Well, no sooner than I replied about taking off the side fairing, my low beam burnt out ! Tech that I finally figured out that worked for me. ( probably spent more time cursing the engineers out for designing something so hard to fiddle with , than actually replacing the bulb ). Side fairing off. Easy to get at. Replace is harder. Trying to place bulb and reinstall spring clip at same time is a treat.

With one arm install bulb and hold in place from underneath with other arm come in from the open side and snag the spring hook in its mount. Once in place you can let go of the bulb and figure out if re-hooking the clip works better from the bottom or the side.

Thinking of just buying a miners cap with the headlight attached for night riding and forgetting about replacing burnt out bulbs.


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