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Boxer comparison on the Stelvio


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Will you get a life, please.

And stop posting stuff my computer self plays forcing me to watch...


Interesting input from varied skill levels.

The R with bags and a Scout fairing, IMO, is a tough customer to beat for all around.

But given one, and only one, still lean GSward.



Had a great 2up 150 mile ride with Beth today.

GT still rocks.


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Will you get a life, please.

Do you actually mean, 24/7 motorcycle obsession is not the norm? :grin:


Glad to see that the GT still fits the bill nicely for you two. I really need to have a little of what you're having! :thumbsup:


There was an article in one of the mags a few years back ( probably 10 :eek: time flys) about enjoying the motorcycle you have and making the destination the exciting part of the sport. I should try and find that.





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