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Fast Idle Cable


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Recently my R1150RT started to cut out when Idling at traffic lights, it only happened once or twice but I've since noticed the fast idle cable seems to have come lose where it enters the handle bar housing, there is a solid metal bend in the cable at the top that enters the housing and this seems to be detached, what keeps it there? is it simply the pressure from the cable itself?

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I just went to the garage and checked. As I thought, it is just the cable tension that keeps it in there. It sounds like you have a loose cable.

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Morning LGannon



For a basic cable adjustment there is an adjuster in the cable up by the L/H grip (about where the right angle metal piece ends)-- Just slide the rubber boot down to see the adjuster.


I'm not sure your problem is an adjustment issue as there is a spring on the choke (fast idle) plunger inside the Bowden box that keeps tension on the cable.


Unless someone messed with your choke cable adjuster then you probably have a broken/or/bound-up spring, or the choke cable has an issue. (unfortunately the Bowden box is a REAL PAIN to get to)


Start by checking to see IF you get engine fast idle when you move the choke (fast idle) lever on the L/H handlebar.




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Thanks Dirtrider, I do get fast idle alright but the cables seems to go really slack when i push the lever back down, so much so that the cable almost slips out of the grove!


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Afternoon LGannon



Without seeing it myself it is difficult to tell what you have there.


Some slack & is pretty normal but too much slack kind of points to a problem.


It could be as simple (or complicated) as the lower short cables are way out of adjustment so the Bowden box pulleys are not correct in relation to the fast idle wedge.


I guess without seeing it my first suggestion is to just bite the bullet & start over on the lower/upper throttle cable adjustment & set them correctly. Then set the fast idle (cable adjustment) to give you the fast idle that you need.


THEN-- if you still have a very loose fast idle cable to go into the Bowden box/fast idle system & find out why. Might be a binding fast idle wedge or a broken /weak fast idle cable spring.


When you pull the fast idle cable out of the handlebar control can you feel ANY spring pressure on the inner cable?

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Thanks Man, will pull the TP this weekend, had to change out the battery anyway, will keep you posted.



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I have the same issue. If you really want to remove all the stuff to get to the junction; go for it. Easier solution; twist the throttle and it will pull the cable back in.

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Shiny Side Up

Unrelated to the fast idle cable...

I had the same issue with the engine cutting out while stopped at traffic lights - bad stick coil on one cylinder.

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