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Bad Classified Experience


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I sent a member who called himself Frank Semler $300 for a used final drive, 2 months ago. I like to use Paypal, but this person insisted I send the funds by Moneygram, available at a Walmart store sent to a New Jersey address but can be picked up at a Walmart. I received nothing. Emails go unanswered. A registered return receipt follow-up letter came back marked as "No Such Address" (???) I can't say with 100% certainty that I was ripped off. Perhaps Mr. Semler has passed on (in which case my condolences to his family). Perhaps he's moved and in the confusion has forgotten to send me the final drive. I can't say anything for sure, other than my $300 is gone and I have nothing. Therefore, not wishing to assume the worst, if anyone knows Mr. Semler, would they please ask him to in touch with me. I would like to conclude our transaction fairly and equitably.


Admin Edit: As a member of the Admin Team here, I'd first like to congratulate Brian Slark for working with us to explain his experience. As you may know if you've read the rules and guidelines, the board does not get involved in transaction disputes. Additionally, if you feel you were taken advantage of, you can't attack another member and call them names or otherwise impugn their character. You resolve things behind the scenes. But there was no "behind the scenes" at play here for reasons you're about to discover. Brian contacted us about his problem and he understood the parameters about posting his experience. We worked together on appropriate wording and he was a gentleman about it. If you know Brian, you're not the slightest bit surprised.


However, this transaction has brought out a few caveats. The most important one is that the ad was posted with a phone number included. Visitors/guests can read the Classifieds. This is done to give sellers the broadest possible audience so that if someone wants what you're selling, they'll join and conduct that transaction via PM. So posting a phone number leaves you open to simply being contacted by an outsider who does not have to register, with no other way to trace them should something go wrong. No membership info, no IP address, no location, nothing (all of these things the Admin Team has access to). So our STRONG suggestion is Don't Do That. Make someone contact you from within the BMWST.com software. That way, they're at least partially traceable.


Again, our thanks to Brian for not only working with us on this, but for allowing us to use his example as a teachable moment to help enhance transaction security for others going forward. --EffBee

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Dave McReynolds

I participate on several internet boards where I have bought and sold a number of things over time. It's pretty much "buyer beware" as far as getting your money back, unless you charge on a credit card, which isn't usually possible in a transaction between individuals. I've never been stung, because I've always dealt with people who have track records on the forums. I would be leery of anyone who wouldn't take PayPal, because I know that PayPal polices its users to some degree. Same with the USPO, where you can report fraudulent use of a PO money order. May not get your money back, but is something most crooks would like to avoid. After a while, people who know you have a good reputation on a forum will be happy to take your personal check.


Anyway, hope you get your money back, or the final drive you ordered.

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Sorry to hear of your experience. The first clue was the insistence of the Moneygram.


At that point an alarm bell should have gone off.


I doubt will see either your money or the FD.


I've bought and sold a lot of stuff here and have had nothing but positive experiences.

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probably not going to turn out like you want. One other thing I watch for is those folks who show up on this forum with maybe their first or second post being they want to sell something. I assume most are good, but would be very cautious. Send me your good first, then I'll send you the funds.


My luck on this board has been perfect. Most cases cheaper than expected and better than expected on delivery. Most have trusted and sent the stuff the day I said I would buy it while I sent them a check. Good Good people on this board....

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The one and only transaction I had from this board turned out better than expected. Sorry to hear of your bad experience.

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I've done multiple sales/ buys here. I usually pay close attention to the details. Do they have a phone number, do I recognize them from previous posts ( if not check, their past posts), how many posts do they have (just 5, no thanks), will they accept my terms of payment,etc.


As the admin said, stay within the bounds of the website, and you'll have no issues.


But as always, beware.



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Multiple transactions.

Many buys, all 100%.

Multiple sells, hope they felt the same.




Always tried to under promise and over deliver when selling something.


And thanks to the admin team for working with a member and giving us a reminder about the ins and outs of selling on a forum.

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