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New member here, and the new owner of an '07 RT with 12K that looks and rides like it just came from the showroom. 2 questions if you please: where can I buy a factory service manual? And, are the engine and transmission units integrated or separate? Specifically, do they share oil? Thanks in advance for your help.

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The Transmission & engine oil are separate on the 07

It has a dry clutch ( the 14+ have a wet clutch)


The transmission uses the same oil as the final drive (Castrol SAF-XO 75W90))


You can find and buy the DVD or download the iso file of the RepROM service manual DVD on the web (RepROM BMW Motorrad R Models K2x)


I would also recommend the JVB production video of the r1200 36k service



Hope this helps

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Beemerboneyard.com is also a good source for maintenance supplies and (when available) used parts. As a benefit to bmwsporttouring.com users, coupon code BMWST will get you a 10% discount on your order.


The current BMW part description for the factory service DVD is:


No printed version available, the DVD requires Windows. Available through any BMW dealer.


There are several web sites that offer a look at the "parts fiche" (like anyone still uses microfiche!).


realoem.com is nice in that clicking on a part number will give you a list of other models that use the same part.

MAX BMW has lately been adding photos to their parts description that can clarify some details. Just today I discovered that at least one part (Final drive seal 33117722890) includes a PDF of the BMW installation procedures. I'm hoping they eventually include that on more items. The PDF also gives you some idea of what the the service DVD instructions look like. Words in blue are hyperlinked to the procedure mentioned.


It will help to know that the US version 2007 RT is considered a K26 series, Type 0388.

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