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Pre Fill oil Filter?


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Joe Frickin' Friday

If you're having the dealer service your bike, I'm guessing no, since they're on the clock and the manual doesn't spec it.


For shadetree mechanics, I don't know what "normal" is, but I always pre-filled the new filter; I hate the idea of the engine spinning without pressure-fed lube, even just for a couple of seconds until the pump refills the oil galleys. If I can reduce the amount of time the oil pressure light is on after the engine fires up, I feel better about it. I expect the engine will be absolutely fine if you don't pre-fill the filter ("fine" means you won't notice a different in the engine even after 100K miles or more), but whatever makes you happy, ya know?


My car has a side-mounted oil filter, so pre-filling isn't an option; I cringe during the first restart after each oil change.

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I once left a side mounted oil filter off after an oil change and started the engine. You'd be surprised how fast oil comes out the filter port. Several quarts in a matter of seconds. Definitely not a slow flow rate.

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My opinion - If the engine has been run recently there is no benefit of orefilling a filter.


Maybe if it has been sitting all winter..........

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Easy to do and what can it hurt? Only answer: Absolutely nothing. Also makes it easy to wipe a bit of oil on the filter gasket while you're at it.


Seems like a non-issue.

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I've pre-filled mine for years even on side mounted setups. You just have to be a little quicker getting it on. The oil doesn't spill out as quick as you might think.

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