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Trouble with R1100RS topcase conversion


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Does anyone on the forum have experience converting an R1100 with no topcase or baggage porter, only a grab bar, to the OEM 33L BMW topcase?


I've installed all the parts (luggage carrier, luggage support rack, rear cowl with holes, etc.) But the fit is pretty bad. My Corbin seat will need modification to fit.


But the most frustrating part is I cannot snap the stock OEM rear seat section into place with the new support rack installed. There are two plastic tabs under the seat (apparently for side-to-side bracing) that are being blocked by the new support bar (see pics). I don't want to file the plastic tabs down because they look purposeful.


So you can see where I tried to grind the luggage support bar down slightly. Also is a pic of the part of the seat is jamming. But even with some grinding, the seat will still not latch. Not even close. Do I have to cut out a dime sized hole in the luggage support??


By the way, I ordered the correct part number support rack:

BMW Part 71602317609


Can someone share their experience?








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Thanks to Michael at Beemer Boneyard for some excellent suggestions. It seems that BMW expects these tabs to be cut off when installing the luggage support.


But I'm also having other fitment issues with my Corbin.


All fitment problems could be solved if I simply cut the support off after the second bolt point. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th bolt points (blue arrows) seem unnecessary as far as load bearing. This support is VERY thick and sturdy.




Then I stumbled on a listing for a used support that appears to have received the same treatment.


Anyone done this?




In case the link dies, here is the piece:




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Thanks again to Michael at Beemer Boneyard who informed me that that support bracket came in two styles, short and long. Not sure why. Maybe they too realized that it could be shorter.


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