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The 1994 R1100RS is Home!


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As a few of here know from a previous post I was looking at a 1994 R1100RS that was stored most of it's life and has only 10,500 kms on it and also 9 hours away. After some discussion with the dealer that had it we had thrown around some numbers which included a trade I was to bring with me. Long story short the bike had a few more nicks than was represented so we had to reopen negotiations but we did make the deal. The dealer certified and plated the bike for me but too much snow there for any kind of road test. The good news is the bike had all 3 keys, id tag, manuals, tool kit and the BMW tire repair kit. The bad news is there was little to no history on maintenance, a note about 3 oil changes, front master cylinder repair and that is about it. I haven't ridden the bike much yet just enough to see the abs light go off at 5kms an hour, it seems to run well, no noise from the transmission with the clutch out although I have not tried that at full operation temperature, the clutch seems to engage almost at the end of the lever travel but i think there is a bit of free play in the lever before starting to disengage the clutch but I think it could use more. Any thoughts on what I should be doing or looking out for on such a bike? Rubber and harnesses seem soft and pliable, is there any way to tell for sure if the transmission has been out for an update? I am new to BMW motorcyles, thanks in advance.

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Clive Liddell

I like the comments you have made, and to me it is a good buy!


I would check the clutch free play (use a 6mm allen key and it should just slide into the gap in front when the lever is gently pulled) and then RIDE and ENJOY the bike :>)

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