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Questions about my bluetooth hookup


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I'm new to the board. Forgive me for bringing up any past issues. I was going to continue posting my issue on the other Bluetooth posts, but, they have become to lengthy and I didn't want to loose track of my issue. I just purchased the 2016 R1200RT. I've been reading the posts about connecting my Nav5, Sena 20S, iPhone and bike audio. Here's where I stand. I have connected all of these units in many different ways, as described in all of the previous posts that I have read. I currently have my iPhone 6 and bike audio connected to my Sena 20S. Nav5 is running through the bike audio. I get all the turn by turn instructions very clearly. I receive/make phone calls through my Sena 20S, however, I can't take advantage of all the Nav5 has to offer, because my phone is not connected to the Nav5. Now, here's the issue. If I connect my phone to my Nav5, and the Nav5 to my Sena, everything works as expected, except, the turn by turn instructions come over the Sena very scratchy and sometimes unrecognizable. Also, my phone calls also become scratchy and unrecognizable. If I go back to my current setup, turn by turn instructions are very clear, Along with my phone calls. I hope I am clear about my issue. Thanks in advance for everyone's help

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First of all... welcome to the board.


Next... when you get a chance please consider altering your User Info to show where you are... yes, it can turn out to be really helpful...




Now, go to your computer and go to this site:


You will see a video that is the best, most reliable way to integrate all your devices. I know the video is an SMH-10 but the SMH-20 works exactly the same.


I am on a '14 Wet Head and this is the way I get up. Yes, I have an iPhone 6S, but did the original set-up with a 5S.


The key to this process is to do it exactly like the video- including the reseting to zero...


Truly- just give it a try... you will get exactly what you want.



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Thank you for your input. I updated my location per your suggestion. The video is very interesting. It is interesting that he paired the Nav5 to the second cell phone connection. I am certainly going to give this a try. Thanks again.

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