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07 R1200GS final drive


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Final drive service on the 07 R1200GS which has no drain plug at bottom of housing requires a few minutes of work to drop swing arm and drain through plug that is horizontally located on housing. Question : it appears all fluid leaves the housing however I wonder if there still is a small amount that must be extracted with a draw type device sorry can't remember what they are called. dmacdnh@netzero.com

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Morning 1two


If you get the fill/drain plug hole to be the lowest thing (at very bottom) then most of the gear oil will drain out.


How much comes out depends on how cold the gear oil is & how long that you allow it to drain.


Or, within reason, the longer that you drain it the more that will eventually come out.


Personally I usually drain them overnight & in very cold weather with a cold gear oil I will allow it to drain longer yet.


If your bike has been sitting (as in storage) for a while IF you don't ride the bike & warm the gear oil before draining the gear oil then the gear oil will drain out but a lot of the crud that has settled in the final drive (like gear wear particles or old oil additive solids) will probably not drain out but will stay inside the drive.


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I used the ABS sensor hole top to refill used 180ml of fluid had some leak past seal then stop that is what generated my question. Thanks for the response makes sense.

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Never figured out why people fill from sensor hole, much easier to use drain hole when u tilt it back up. At 180 ml it just starts to creep out of hole

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