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Fuel pump pick-up strainer

RT rocket

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Would someone enlighten me to how I go about removing the metal attachment that holds the VDO fuel pump filter sock to the bottom of the pump. The sock was deteriorated and came off when changing the filter. As well the vibration isolation pad crumbled. I'm ordering replacement parts but I fear I will damage the pump pickup nipple if I just grab the sock collet and twist. Any help from you Oilhead sages would be greatly appreciated!



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If I remember correctly, I used a flat-bladed screw driver to pry the fuel pump sock off. Put the blade under the metal lip and twisted carefully so as not to damage the pump itself. The sock by the way is a standard item in most auto parts stores, and considerably cheaper than the "official" BMW part.


I had a crumbled vibration damper pad, too, and taking that as cue, replaced the fuel pump lines as well. Easy enough to do while I was in there.


Euro Motorelectrics offers a fuel hose kit that is a real bargain at $13; you can do two fuel pumps with it. Works a charm. You cut the ends off the line for the short, straight connections, and this makes the flexible part just the right length for the bight.




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