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3 day rental and tour in Ireland


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I am planning a 5-6 day stop over in Ireland this summer (August) and am looking at renting from Celtic Riders. My basic plan is:


Day 1 - Arrive DUB, Tour the city a bit, Guinness Storehouse, Etc.

Day 2 - Pick up bike and depart for Galway, stopping along the way for whatever sights I can find.

Day 3 - Depart Gakway for Killarney via The Cliffs of Moher, the Killarney National Park and the Ring of Kerry. Stay in Killarney.

Day 4 - Depart Killarney for Dublin via Khork, Larney Castle, etc., drop off bike.

Day 5 - Makep up day in case Day 4 is too long.

Day 6 - Depart DUB


Any advice out there? Does this sound reasonable to do?


I will stay at B&Bs as they seem most reasonable and quaint.


Any help is appreciated.





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Hi Steve. When we went in 2014 we used Celtic Rider and dealt with Paul Rawlins who could not have been more helpful. Let him know what you would like to see and he can put together the daily GPS routes you need. He sent us the routes ahead of time for us to review and when I saw the average day was 180 miles I was planning all sorts of off route adventures. Needless to say, with the small roads we rode and so much to see we often got back near 7PM each evening.

I you need any other information shoot me a PM or give me a call.

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You will love Kilarney. The town is amazing and worth every minute of a visit. Just don't be alarmed when you visit local pubs. The locals have taken to drinking......... *gulp*.... Coors light. :P:dopeslap:


Oh, and don't forget Trinity college when in Dublin. :)





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One more thing, when visiting Guinness, make sure you pay the extra (~$65?) for the private bar experience. It's worth every penny.



Unless you prefer Coors Light :dopeslap:


"THOSE PEOPLE" don't go to the Guinness storehouse. ;)


One beer to try while you are there that is produced by Guinness is Hop house 13. At first glance you might think it's similar to the American Blonde they sell here, but far from it. I am not a fan of most IPA's, but this was hopped perfectly. It has great body and balance. Good stuff, and not available in the states.



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Coors is goat piss! Why would they drink that?


That's basically what I asked the bartender in a local Irish pub. I got no solid reply other than "the younger adults seem to love it".

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Try Dingle instead of the Ring of Kerry. A lot less traffic and people. Also, that will allow you to walk around the Gleninchaquin water falls. The falls are on a working sheep farm - you walk through the fields to get to the falls - and it is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. Be warned that if you do any walking around sheep you will be required to have your shoes cleaned by TSA when you depart Ireland (hoof 'n mouth disease). While we were getting our shoes cleaned, we met the nicest TSA agents in the world. I think Ireland rubs off on them.

B&B are EVERYWHERE in the Republic. As in every other house seems to be one. The going rate is about E30 to E35 per person per night.

Doolin is a great town for Irish music (for instance, Fitzpatrick's pub, which is right across from an unusual 'guest house' that is part American hotel and part B&B ). Be aware that the music in most pubs before 9 pm is for Americans who want to hear the auld fav'rites. After 9, the performers and the clientele change and the real Irish people and their music starts.

Ride through the Burren along the old military trail. Per Wikipedia: The Burren is a region of County Clare in the southwest of Ireland. It’s a karst landscape that incorporates a vast cracked pavement of glacial-era limestone, cliffs and caves, fossils, rock formations and archaeological sites. On the Atlantic coast, the precipitous Cliffs of Moher are home to thousands of seabirds, including puffins. Nearby Doolin is a renowned centre for traditional Irish music.

The roads in Ireland are very narrow and lined with stone walls and hedges. Speeds are low, and sighting distance is very short.

Sheep are everywhere in the Southwest. Expect to see dairymen moving their cows down the roads from one field to another.


When I go back, I will spend a lot of time around Doolin.

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Thanks for the reply flars. I will look into the areas you suggested. This will be quick for me so anything I see will be amazing. It will give me a taste to go back for a longer trip!

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The F800GS will be a great choice solo. It is amazing how narrow some of the roads are. FYI, you pay at toll booths on your right there not on the left. :grin:

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Hi, Tim. I miss Roger.

Ireland is a beautiful place, but know this: the A and M roads are interstates. The N roads are narrow, two lane roads with a 1 foot wide shoulder next to the hedges. The R roads have a 4 inch wide shoulder next to the hedges. The local roads don't have shoulders.

The roads are not well marked. Their 'Highway 50' sign would be about 1 foot long, about 3 inches high, made out of wood, and stuck in the tall grass next to the shoulder, or sticking out of the hedges. The hedges cannot be trimmed from April to the end of September due to the bird nesting season, so they sometimes are a lot closer than you think they should be.

The Irish know where they are and how to get to where they want to go. They don't know nuthin' bout no highway numbers, so getting directions from them can be challenging.

The good thing is that they sorta speak English in the Republic, with a wonderful accent. The bad thing is that they speak English with an accent.

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Sounds like a wonderful challenge! I will just load a GPS and go explore on as many N and R roads as I can handle!


I kinda speak English with an American accent😜😂

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We took a 3 week full circle tour around the coast last summer, went clockwise from Cork. I found the Ring of Kerry didn't live up to the hype, much preferred the peninsula below it (Glengarriff - Dursey Island - Kenmare) if need be you can shorten the run by taking the Healey Pass (R574) across the peninsula. The traffic in and around Killarney was slow, the tour buses and bicycles brought things to a snail's pace through the National Forest. If you do the Ring of Kerry go clockwise as the tour buses only run counterclockwise. Your day 4 may be a tad optimistic unless you are intending on riding non stop on the main highways (3 hrs Cork to Dublin on the M8). Have a Murphy's instead of Guinness in Cork County. Bring your rain gear with you and remember to look right first. Feel free to ask anything...

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Thanks for the info again. Seems like Killarney is out then. I will stay in Kinvarna day 1, The Dingle Peninsula day 2 and then head back through the farm land to Dublin. A short trip but I want to spend my arrival day just chilling in Dublin and only have 3-4 riding days at most before flying out. No worries, anything will be incredible I am sure.


Should I make any reservations for B&Bs or just wing it? I like off the cuff stuff myself.

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We pre-booked all our accommodations last year, the Mrs. prefers BnB's with an ensuite. There were times that we HAD to travel despite the weather to remain on schedule. We saw lots of available places to stay, perhaps not the 'quality' that we had booked, but a place to stay none the less.

We are returning to Ireland this summer for 5 days before heading to mainland Europe for a 5 week tour, and have again pre-booked our stay in Kinsale. There is a centennial celebration in the Republic this year (the 1916 Easter uprising in Dublin) and it appears busier this summer than last year. We are not booking anything in advance on the mainland.

Enjoy your quick trip, it will leave you wanting more!



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Been to Ireland twice - each time doing B&B's. Each time we would go to an area that looked appealing, and checked out which B&B's were in the area. Then either called, or just knocked on the door. Only once (in Boyle) were we turned away due to a Full House.


Arrive at ~ 4 PM. The persons owning the house will likely be sooo glad to speak to you, and feed you tea, scones, cookies, cake, etc. Start talking here.


The Irish breakfast will hold you over for a good portion of the day. (American B&B's could take a hint here).


While in Ireland, you'll have plenty of opportunity to see 'stuff' but the real gems of the Isle are the people.



Engage them in conversation.

Ask them questions, even if you know the answer - it's a good starting point.

Ask the innkeeper for their recommendations for your next day's accommodations if you know where you will end up.

Ask for recommendations that are in the area, but not in a guide book.

Slow down. Ireland is a very relaxed and informal country.

Take a walking tour of Dublin. There are numerous tours available. (Pub crawl, literary crawl, rebellion tour, etc)



Even THINK of renting a vehicle in Dublin.

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Reservations made. I will spend one night in Dublin, then get picked up by the rental company the next day. I rented a 650GS Twin, or possibly an F800GS. It depends on what is available and I am good with either.


I will ride for four days and am staying at a B&B in Doolin for two nights, will do the Aran Island tour and hike to the Cliffs of Moher, then ride up to Kinvarna for the last night.


I will spend two more nights in Dublin to see all the sights at the end.


Thanks for all the tips and suggestions!


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will do the Aran Island tour and hike to the Cliffs of Moher


You will love the cliffs of Moher. :) Well worth the time, even if it's a foggy day.







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I would advise not staying in Killarney. Down the road a bit is Kenmare. Much less tourist and much nicer of a town. Then in the morning take off for the ring of kerry, clockwise. You'll avoid the tourist busses if you time it just right.


When in Kenmare, if dropping money on food doesn't bother you, check out the lime tree cafe. Soon good.

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My suggestion is to skip the Aran Islands. There is literally nothing there except the remains of an old castle, a couple of restaurants, and lots of walls. The walk up to the castle from the shuttle parking area is a very long, slimy, slick stone walkway. We saw several people fall going up and down, and had a few moments ourselves- it is that slick. You will spend anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half going each way, and you will get a boat that is either really nice (if departing from the North) or a converted fishing boat (if departing from the east, as in Doolin). They do let you see the Cliffs from the sea, but there are lots of boats available that do that without wasting the 6 hours going over to the Islands. The Islands was the only part of Ireland we tell EVERYONE to resist. There is just no reason to go there. Find something else of historic value to enjoy. There is a lot of beautiful country to see near Doolin.

We did not make reservations. Just showed up in a town around dinner time, and looked for an inviting place to stay. In Doolin there is a Guest House (a B&B building with the dining room, plus an extra building next door that is like a hotel). It is across the street from a great bar with excellent food and great Irish music (after 9 pm).

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That is part of the adventure! Seeing the ancient islands or at least part of them. Thanks for the comments though!

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So I have been in Ireland for all of 15 minutes in the baggage claim area and Randy Shields walks by!!! What a small world huh?

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Maybe that is just the first time you noticed him?


Y'all have a great time and try to take some pics.

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Pretty amazing to be across the Atlantic and bump into a guy you've known and ridden with here for the past 10+ years. I was jealous about the riding trip, but had a great time with a grueling 10 days of golf around Dublin, Newcastle, and in Northern Ireland. Just back mid-week. Steve, looking forward to your write ups and photos.



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