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Insurance Inquiry- Foremost


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Curious about satisfaction with Foremost, and I suppose ease of dealing with them, roadside assistance and any other observations.


Currently have Dairyland and all seems OK with them. Never a claim.


The quote seems a bit less than Dairyland, but not earth shaking.


Thoughts, ideas, experience, conjecture all welcomed...

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Been using Foremost for 40+ years. Never filed a claim, so I can't say how that would go. You can search your states insurance board to see what complaints have been filed against them.

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Foremost for almost 7 years with the RT. No major claims, so no experience there. I recently needed a tow (relatively close to home, about 17 mi.) - great response and paid nothing. I haven't shopped much, but rates have seemed reasonable.


One small glitch where they automatically added primary medical coverage one year. Had to call 'em on it and it was remedied quickly. My agent made it sound like it was a common thing that other companies were doing as well, at that time.

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I don't know Foremost. I was with Allstate who was raping my wallet. I then went to Progressive and again, no claims so I am not sure how they rate.

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Hopz - I've got Foremost through AARP and they're rates were the best I could Find for both the RT before I sold it and my current HD.


I've had them for quite a few years now but have never had a claim so I can't help you there.



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I have been with Foremost, through AARP for over 8 years. I think they also give discounts if you are a AMA member. They did a excellent job of paying and getting my bike repaired, when I had my get off back in 2013. I was surprised how fast and aggressive the adjuster pushed to settle the claim. They also paid for my gear with no problems, 10% of the list price on my 1 year old Arai helmet and 50% of the cost of a RoadCrafter, which was 12 years and 200,000+ miles old. Also after the repairs, the dealer found a cracked exhaust system, they settled the supplement with no disputes. I couldn't have asked for better service. :thumbsup:

I have not tried there roadside assistance program yet.

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I have been with Foremost, through AARP for over 8 years. I couldn't have asked for better service. :thumbsup:


From your avatar looks, your not old enough to have AARP. :S

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Thanks guys... I cancelled my previous guy and went with AARP/Foremost.


Excellent offer. Hope I never need to use them.


I will also say that departure from the previous outfit was laden with penalties and various deductions since it was cancelled mid-year. I nicely pointed out that the many users on this site as well as over at BMW Luxury touring would enjoy hearing the details of their policy. The Rep went off to discuss all this with her supervisor and they, somehow, were able to let me out with a full refund and no penalty strokes. I was being nice but clear in my intentions.


Glad they saw it my way.

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